Nursery & Big Prayers

There are many ways to approach serving in a church nursery. For some it is one of resignation, they just know it needs to be done.  For others it is an escape from the church service itself. Many serve because they see the value that comes from allowing the parents a short break to simply worship with the Body. Those are the people I delight in as a pastor, the kind who seek to put on the apron of a slave and with humility serve others.  May God magnify their ministry.

One thing about nursery that can be missed though, is that it is an excellent place to begin to pray big prayers for the little ones.  It doesn’t need to be only playing and eating little cookies. Rather, there can be a larger vision in the mind of those who serve. May I offer a small suggestion to those who serve in the nursery?  Pray big prayers.  Let me give you some examples of what I mean:

  • Pray over each child at least once.  Pray specifically for that small one.
  • Pray that they would grow into men and women of faith.
  • Pray that they would be blessed of God, that His face would shine upon them, that He would keep them.
  • Pray that they would be saved at a young age and grow in grace and knowledge of their Lord Jesus.
  • Pray they would have feet that are quick to bring good news to those who know nothing of Jesus.
  • Pray that they would walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, bearing every good work that those who see them glorify the Father in heaven.
  • Pray that they would be passionate about pursuing unity with others.
  • Pray that God would open their hearts to the possibility of going to closed nations with the gospel, that they would be burdened with those who are lost.
  • Pray that they would be young men and women of such faith that they would not shrink back from what their Lord calls them to do.
  • Pray that their eyes would be fully opened to the vastness and fullness of the Savior’s death and resurrection.
  • Pray that the Lord would not lead them into temptation but deliver them through His saving hand.

You get the idea, the point is simple.  Pray for the little ones in the nursery and when you pray, pray big.

About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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