Escape from North Korea

If you want to imagine what life is like in North Korea, think ‘Hunger Games’ minus the games. (

It is estimated by Voice of The Martyrs that there are about 100,000 Christians who secretly, very secretly worship and follow Jesus, their Lord.  That is only 0.5% of the population.  It is also a crime to follow Jesus and those caught are punished with torture, imprisonment, and public execution. If you suspect someone is disloyal to, and being a Christian ranks right up there at the top, you are expected to turn them in.  The result is almost 30,000 Christians are in prison camps.

All of these numbers and such mean little to us, unless we have experienced this sort of persecution.  I for one have not and so when I come across something that helps open my eyes to what is happening in our world I grab it.  Here is an excerpt from a very serious article who managed to escape from one of those hated death camps in North Korea:

His first memory is an execution. He walked with his mother to a wheat field, where guards had rounded up several thousand prisoners. The boy crawled between legs to the front row, where he saw guards tying a man to a wooden pole.

Shin In Geun was four years old, too young to understand the speech that came before that killing. At dozens of executions in years to come, he would listen to a guard telling the crowd that the prisoner about to die had been offered “redemption” through hard labour, but had rejected the generosity of the North Korean government.

Guards stuffed pebbles into the prisoner’s mouth, covered his head with a hood and shot him.

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It is an article like this that should drive each follower of Jesus to stop and consider the seriousness of their following. It is the kind of article that makes me want to make much of opportunities to fill Action Packs.  It is the kind of article that says we must pray big prayers to our infinitely big God for the evil in the hearts of man is great. And it is an article that makes me rejoice in the gospel, for the good news is that through Jesus all things shall be made right.

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  1. I honestly can’t sleep, or eat when I come across stuff like this. We are no better than they are–their children and elderly, the vulnerable are dear to them as ours are dear to us. Years ago I went to a utube page that showed a sattlelite picture of the ‘gulaugs’ (sorry for the spelling); They estimate about 200,000 are there, working in the mines, hard labor.
    These are death camps, now, in our time. And it has been going on for years. I pray, send money at times; (to VOM) but what can the righteous do? Will I give an account for this? I believe I will.

    • It is a simple expression of the depravity of the heart. And yes we will give an account, Matthew 25 speaks to this sort of thing. Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me. (Mat 25:1 ESV)

  2. Reblogged this on Stuff That Interests Me and commented:
    This is something that does not make the mainstream media.

  3. I re-blogged this stuff like this rarely gets into the main stream media. Hope you don’t mind.

    • Well, a little too late if I did isn’t it? And of course I don’t mind you doing so. Would be better it you were Tim Challies, but such is life.

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