It Is All in The Spin

This ‘report’ is indicative of the news we receive and why many of us reject most that comes from the mainstream media outlets.  I am not even interested in discussing whether Zimmerman is guilty or not.  What I want to point out is how Trayvon is depicted right at the beginning as an “unarmed teen who was shot while walking through a neighborhood.”  Really?  He was just walking around smelling roses and what not?  Then how does the shooter end up with a broken nose, lacerations and two black eyes from a guy who is just walking through a neighborhood.

If it is a bad shooting then let’s deal with that rightly.  But when our news departments are describing things in this manner they are simply criminal in their work.  Truth is not the issue, spin is.  And this is wrong.

Apparently the video I watched is not the one showing in the link but I found it here.  Simply note that Diane Sawyer sets the entire story with her opening comments.  And note how the rest of the video has “if” throughout, suggesting all sorts of things without any answers.


About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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