A Simple House for Claire

This was to be part of my Misc Monday post but I decided to give it some space of its own so I am calling it a pre-miscellaneous Monday post (what I find strangely fascinating is that the term ‘pre-miscellaneous’ is not in the dictionary, but it suggested ‘pee-miscellaneous’ as an alternative).  Not any real good reason to make this an additional post other than I originally was going to show a couple of the images and make a few comments.  That then caused me the intense fear that people might not notice the other links that I post as well.  As a result wisdom won the day and this was carved out all by itself.

Kim and I are expecting our first grand child, Claire, in a couple of months.  We talk about building a tree house and how much fun it would be for grand children to come visit grandpa and grandma and have something like that on which to play (notice that I handled the preposition properly). This then led to various ideas of how to build one, none of which I, much less my wife, remotely possess the skills to build.  But we have a son-in-law, Tom, who also happens to be the father of the said grand child, who is a carpenter.  Problem solved in our minds, now we just need to explain that to him.

As I wandered the web last week I found a great article showcasing tree houses like most have never seen before.  But a few of them stood out as vague possibilities for our grand children:

If the kids get that nasty infection known as Star-Wars-Corruptitist then I supposed this is the only option.  Though I suspect that if this happened I would glower every time I looked out the window and saw that thing.

On the other hand, if somehow I find some lakefront property that no one wants and I happen to find some money that I don’t need and I can walk on water while chewing gum and patting my stomach at the same time then this is the one my grand children would have. I see it as simple wisdom in action because it is a way to safely fish while not drowning, also it probably has indoor plumbing allowing them to not have to run back to the real house to use the bathroom.  Then, add the additional value of observing birds and you have a veritable schoolhouse of learning wrapped up in a tree house of fun.  It really is elementary once you think about it.

However, Kim and I are relatively realistic so we thought that having a simple, uncluttered tree house would be acceptable for most little people.  However we don’t like ladders so some sort of a staircase would be a requirement.  Fortunately for us there are examples of this type of house as well.  I think we could, in a pinch, be content with any one of these :

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Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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