The Scoffer Has No Place at The Table

Here is a great little post by Ray Ortlund about the scoffer.

Not every opinion deserves a place at the table.  It is the responsibility of a church’s elders to monitor the conversation going on in their church and encourage the positive and confront the negative.

Sadly, some people just don’t listen.  They are too self-assured.  Reasonable discourse leaves them unsatisfied, because they are unsatisfiable.  They do not feel that you understand them until you agree with them.  The only acceptable outcome is their outcome, which they will pursue relentlessly.  The Bible calls this kind of person a scoffer (Proverbs 9:7-8; 13:1; 15:12; 21:24).  He (or she) might be a highly impressive person outwardly.  Very able.  A strong personality.  Convincing.  But even in little ways (“. . . winks with his eyes”), this person sows discord in their church — small provocations with big impact.

Sometimes people overreach in this way because they claim they have been hurt.  But no one, however wounded, has the right to disrupt the blood-bought peace of a church.  The sacred wounds of Christ overrule all others.  Moreover, in today’s climate of victimization, hurt can, in fact, be hate.  Elders are responsible to discern this and confront it, even if the person offending is a long-standing member and a personal friend.

You can read the whole thing here.

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