Pastoral Prayer from Psalm 90

Our Father, we come today with a weakness in our minds.
We cannot fathom eternity,
we cannot grasp eternity,
we certainly cannot grasp one who is everlasting to everlasting.
Lord God, for us,
the mountains seem to be eternal,
a thousand years is beyond our true perception,
we shall continue to live without eternity in our hearts.
how then,
unless you help us,
unless you pierce into the shallowness of our thoughts?
Oh Lord,
how can people who are like a new blade of grass,
which fades away and withers in a day,
grasp a God who has always been.
You are alone are the great I Am.
You alone are the Ancient of Days.
You alone are the Eternal Father.
It is in your hand alone that our lives are safe.
And it is in your hand alone that our short life shall end.
You are the God who raises up and you are the God who slays.
You are the God who grants riches and you are the God who brings poverty.
So I ask you today,
impress upon each of us the futility of this life,
the shortness of this life.
Let us consider the many who suffer and die today because of the Gospel
and consider the shortness of life.
Let us read of the accidents that take a life and repent of our foolishness in thought.
The days of our youth pass us by so quickly, yet we think they shall last forever.
The belief that you owe us tomorrow and it is tomorrow that we shall repent is a lie we cling to ever so tightly.
Let us number our days, teach us to redeem the time, show us how evil is the day and walk therefore as wise men, people of the living God.
Have us grab hold of our Lord, our blessed Lord,
who stepped out of eternity
and took on a vaporous life.
Let us find ourselves loving our Lord
who in his short time of a mere 33 years
and rose again.
He is the one who has conquered death.
He is the destroyer of Satan.
He is the giver of life,
for in Him is life abundant.
Therefore, help us love Him all the more.
Let us see that He is the glorious Gift that came from Your Hand.
Let us see that it is faith in Him that brings us, who are weak and but dust, into eternal life.
Hear this prayer my Father in Heaven.
Send the Spirit upon us this day.
Strengthen our weak hearts to praise you.
Embolden our lips to sing of your glory.
Knit our hearts to you in genuine love.
And be pleased as we worship you together, as the people of God.

About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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  1. Added to my Matt Henry Prayer File….I actually use these Matt. Please consider adding them as you have inclination….We are blessed by the truth of them, and the revealed heart of our Pastor….Thank you again…

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