Miscellaneous Monday

Well it is that time of the week again and I think the line up will be of the caliber of utterly life-changing.  Yes, you will be changed.  No idea how, but I suspect the major point of change shall be that you will be older when you finish with these links than when you began.

For baseball fans, here is a list you all can debate.  If you don’t see the picture you think should be present, find it on the web, get the link and post it in the comment section.

I like this gif because it shows the differences between men and women as a whole.  The guy laughs and the girl goes to give aid

Utterly, fascinatingly, crazy

Facebook just got even more sad.

I many ways I feel badly for her.  But in some other ways I just gape.

My world as I know it has ended

Because I care about the increase of my readers’ knowledge.

Ummm, wow.

You have to watch it to the end, no matter how painful the first part is.  And no skipping, it will ruin it.  Honest.

I leave you with two unrelated yet related videos.


About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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  1. Those last videos are a little disturbing.

  2. The kid with the blades came from my dojo…….Be afraid…….

  3. I love the ant colony best. Except I felt bad that you know all the millions of ants were dead inside there cement tombs. cut off in the prime of life. Lots to be said for the way of the ant. Its sure not the way of the suggard. 🙂 Thanks for giving me alot of dirt to think about. haha

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