Think of The Children

Sandy Hook is behind us, except for those directly affected by the evil perpetrated upon innocent lives.  For them, there will be much grieving and much sorrow to come.  But time marches on and so do the fickle heart of mankind, especially at the Christmas season since there are so many deals to grab up before it is too late.

I don’t like to speak into a tragedy like Sandy Hook because so many already are doing so.  Usually in a nice home or office with a coffee next to them and some nice tunes playing in the background.  Every side imaginable rises up and begins their wearisome screed.  In the midst of this latest adversity I was proud to read one of my daughters simple plea on Facebook.  She wrote, “I would suggest that instead of debating gun control today, we simply weep with those who weep. The gun control debate can wait.”  Not many seemed to listen.

The murder of six year old children is not right.  The understatement of the year.  But that is not what this debate is really over.  We know that murders occur everywhere and in every possible way.  Put that same young man in the school but with a Samurai sword and you will have a bloodbath.  Mix a bit of fertilizer together in the right way and you can just blow folks up rather easily.  But again the debate is not over the murder of small children.

What is the magic number of death before society acts?  Well, that is where the politics and debate begin to reveal themselves nicely.  I would argue that there needs only to be one death before swift action is taken.  But only if it meets the criteria of the real debate.

Think of ladders.  Almost no company makes them anymore due to the massive lawsuits against them when some six year old climbs one, hangs from the edge of the roof and then falls.  Some how the ladder people should have prevented that.  Have a small child?  Lord help the company that makes something small find out that the child actually swallowed the object and died.  Nope, it only takes one and laws are enacted.

But then there are other times when the response is “not so much.”  The most lethal weapon we have here in America is the automobile.  Won’t ban that!  Won’t ban any vehicle capable of going over 15 MPH.  Won’t ban school buses, which still don’t have seat belts, because the laws of physics cannot penetrate school bus yellow.

Oh, and did I mention abortion? Twenty 6 year olds are murdered and we want massive legal changes in place within fifteen minutes.  Move those children back six years and you can kill them in many different ways and get paid to do it.  The same hypocrites crying for the children are the same ones claiming that the murder of a baby in the uterus is simply reproductive rights.  No, it is actually all part of the debate.  “Think of the Children!”  Bah!  The blood of millions of children drip from the hands of Americans.

Here and here are a couple of studies on the leading causes of deaths in America.  Ask yourself how many of them are on the TV screen being blasted as stupid or immoral.  Again, it is not the point of the debate.

Frankly, most of the people in this nation, or in the world, care little for the children.  Unless it is their children.  Tell me I am a liar and then show me the proof that you are that exception.  1,200 children die every day in this world due to diarrhea.  How much of your disposable income is spent on investing in the organizations that are helping turn that around?  Now, ask yourself what you would do if it was your child and the answer becomes radically different.

Children are just tools for the debate.  As a Christian I know that there is nothing new under the sun.  I know the hearts of man and that it is only evil continually (though often pressed and cleaned up a bit to hide the little nasty things we don’t talk about).  I know that the dominant power of this age is the power of sin.  It works in the heart and minds of man so that we are slaves to the lusts of this world.  And frankly if a person disagrees with me I don’t care.  The daily drumbeat of evidence is soul-numbing if we will shut up for just a moment and hear it.

The debate, my friends, is who will have the power.  Take gun control.  If you don’t live in America then you have no real say on this issue.  It is a debate within our nation.  The battle is for control, which translates into power.  Once you have power you can manipulate things for your enrichment and to oppress those who oppose you.  This is done every day throughout the world.  The packaging might be different but the same filth is inside.

So I speak to my Christan friends, who can get rather loud about this.  Go back to the calling with which you have been called.  Walk in a manner worthy of the name of the Lord.  Bring out the gospel onto your lips.  Let the effects of the gospel control your pocketbooks and your actions. Love your enemy, pray for those who persecute you.  Give them a cold glass of water.  Show kindness to all.

Why?  Well, in case you have forgotten, you don’t serve the god of this world.  Remember?  It is Jesus who is Lord and it is Jesus whom you serve.  Either He shall place all His enemies under His feet one day and make all things new, or we are all idiots.  But if you really believe that Jesus is the King of kings, then please act like it.  And as you watch the dizzying display of noise go past your ears, realize you are hearing sin bleating out its clarion call for all to follow.  The well it invites us to drink from is a dry cistern call “power” and we should stick to the living waters.

About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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  1. The ability to cut through “the refuse” as Paul put it is a gift. Few do it better than you.

  2. Much appreciated Matt. Thanks.

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