Calling a Spade a Spade

Ever hear of Shai Linne?  I had no idea who he is but managed to stumble across this link the other day and found it very refreshing.  I am not a fan of hip hop, though my wife loves it.  However I was very pleased with the quality and thoroughness of what he was confronting. The man nails prosperity teachers to the wall.

One of the sicknesses that the American church suffers from (though they are legion) is the reluctance to call a false teacher a false teacher.  The end result is the constant contamination of the Body of Jesus as she languishes under such vague, feel-good preaching and teaching that does not help expose lies as lies.

The prosperity gospel is no gospel at all.  Along with the blatant pursuit of riches and worldly comfort they are blasphemers who claim to do and pursue all this in the name of Jesus.  Along with this most serious of sins you will always find other egregious lies that taint and harm the Church for whom Christ died.  Think of T. D. Jakes and his anti-trinitarianism (regardless what McDonald and Driscoll state to the contrary).  Think of Meyers and her “I don’t sin” perspective.  Think of Osteen and his “Mormons are Christians too” idiocy.  And the list goes on and on.

So, as a pastor, I for one am happy this man bangs out a song that blatantly calls out these people for what they are and what they represent.  We need more of this in the churches today, defining what a false teacher is and what a false teacher teaches.  We need to be like the Apostles who wrote our New Testament, declaring these people to be dangerous, filled with their own foolish appetites, clouds without water and wolves who savagely prey on the innocent and ignorant.

Additional resources on the prosperity gospel:

John MacArthur (6 minutes of solid exposé)
Wretched Radio properly mocking what should be mocked.
John Piper doing what John Piper does so well.
R C Sproul gives some helpful words out of Proverbs on this subject.

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