Miscellaneous Monday

Will likely be offline for the next couple of weeks, though if I find out otherwise then I will try to post some articles on various subjects.  Brazil appears to be in my very near future and I am leaving my wife behind to take care of the house while our dog and kids take care of her.  Regardless, here is a smattering of various things that caught my eye this week.  Oh, did I mention that I found out that my basement toilet was overflowing all night last night?  And I found it out after I had started cooking my breakfast so while I was cleaning up the mess in the basement I began to smell something burning upstairs?  Yep, its Monday!

Apparently that lovely complex the government is building in Utah to store all of the data they keep getting by spying on their citizens will hold around 10 zettabytes.  I had no idea what that meant but found this graph to be disturbingly enlightening. Here is a take-away-quote from the article on the project under construction to give you the sense of the size, “Once built, it will be more than five times the size of the US Capitol.”

This little graphic is exactly why I hate math and envy those who love it.  I know there is an obvious answer but I simply don’t understand how it works.  It is embarrassing but it is reality too.  For those who find the answer obvious just quietly smirk at your screen and don’t bother explaining it to me.

I simply love this animated gif but for more than the obvious reasons.  First, the pretty girl’s face right at the end suggests she is used to getting her wishes and this one did not work out.  After that just keep watching and look at all the other people, things begin to stand out.  The one I like the most is the lady in the bottom left corner.  Essentially stone-faced.

This story is capable of causing widespread panic among red-blooded men and women everywhere.  Only read when you are quiet, calm and preferable sedated.

This picture keeps showing up wherever I go so I decided I should just post it myself and get it out of my system.  Do you get the sense that poor Dave lives with Mom still?

I had no idea this guy was worth that much.  Good for him.

I don’t have a lot of pictures today so I am giving you are few videos I liked.
Apparently this may be the new thing in China

This was simply cool.

And lastly I give you Ashima, I suspect she will climb to great heights one day.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/D0qj9IihcZw&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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