One Reason We Must Love The Second Adam

In theology there is the idea of the first and second Adam.  This is developed out of Romans 5 and is intimately connected to the doctrine of our union with Jesus Christ.  All people are born “in Adam” and as a result all are under the curse of sin and under the judicial wrath of God.  His sin becomes our sin simply by our union with him.  When a person places their faith in Jesus Christ as their resurrected Lord, sin-bearer and savior they are now transferred to be “in Christ.”  And now His righteousness and obedience becomes ours.  Union in Jesus Christ is a good thing.

I am reading The End of the Law by Jason Meyer and he made some good points on how the Apostle Paul likes to make contrasts.  Things like law and grace, light and dark, new and old are common.  In that discussion I thought of the contrasts of the first Adam and the second and one point settled on my mind.

The first Adam did not enter into a broken, rebellious age, but one that was very good.  No sin and no death.  Innocence and purity reigned.  He was placed in a beautiful garden where all good things were available.  But in this place of goodness he chose to sin.  He chose to find his wife’s words wiser that God’s and the result is that as the world’s representative, he sinned and brought sin and death into this age.  Now all things are under the curse of sin, all things are twisted and broken and all things ultimately are vanity and absurd, at least under this sun (meaning this age).

Then I think of Jesus, the second Adam.  Born not in a garden but in a stable.  Born in a world that is burdened with the inescapable enemies of sin, Satan and death.  He took on the form of a bond-servant and became a curse for us that we might be saved from the curse of the Law, which reveals our sinfulness.  In His life He manifested glorious glimpses of what was to come when He would make all things new.  Demons fled, the lame walked, the blind saw and the dead rose.  The stories are told in an almost casual manner that evidences how common these events were to those observing.  Water obeyed its Creators demands and so Jesus walked on it.  Bread and fish submitted themselves to their Maker’s hands and they replicated until thousands were fed.  Run out of wine at a wedding?  No problem, Jesus would just make water into wine and He would make the good stuff.

But more than these glimpses Jesus came to undo what the first Adam had wrought.  He took on sin, though He was without sin.  He tasted death, though He was eternal.  He destroyed death and rose again as promised.  He ascended to His rightful place in heaven to wait the day set by His Father when He will come and judge all things with righteousness.

One reason we must love the second Adam is that He refused to shrink back from any of this.  He embraced it and accomplished it to the glory of His Father.  Let those who believe rejoice.

About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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