A Tale of Two Banks

Apparently some guy in China comes up to the window with a meat cleaver demanding money.  The reaction of the bank teller is priceless.  But it also made me think of a recent bank robbery in Wauwatosa, WI where a man manages to rob the bank with a box.  That is right, an empty box.

About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

Posted on February 25, 2014, in What Tickles My Fancy and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Heard the box story on Mark Belling’s show. Unreal. I didn’t know whether or not to laugh or cry.

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