Personal Intimacy or True Knowledge?

My son-in-law wrote a solid piece over at his blog where he entertains the question of what  is the focus of the bible for the Christian in relationship to God.  Is it focused upon our personal intimacy or upon a right and true knowledge of God? What do you think?  Below is a bit of his post, I encourage you to read it all.

Are the New Testament authors more concerned with believers understanding proper theology and doctrine (knowledge), or are they more concerned that believers maintain a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus? What is their tone? What is their burden? The question itself is a bit misleading because it implies, in some sense, the pursuit of proper knowledge is mutually exclusive from a personal relationship with Jesus, or at the very least, presupposes a proper relationship with Jesus can be found outside of a proper knowledge. Perhaps Paul can weigh in.

Read the rest here . . . .

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  1. Thanks! I made my way over to Matt Miller’s blog to read the rest and it was really fantastic. 🙂

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