So Much To Write and So Little Time

I find two enemies constantly are at my heels when it comes to this blog.  The first is laziness, I look outside and think about doing some woodworking or I write an article.  Woodworking wins usually.  The second is there simply is not enough time.  So I have a plan.  I am locked down time-wise through Sunday and I have several things I wanted to write.  Instead I will post this interview and ask you to watch it.  Try to listen to how both sides are presenting their arguments and what are those arguments, then write them down in the comment section.  Not the comment section of Facebook, but here.  Try to figure out what is the root problem with Bell’s argument, assuming you find it less than satisfactory.

Remember that Bell is one of those who defined a significant branch of the world of “missional.”  I don’t belong to that branch and frankly want to cut it off and burn it.

I found this to be incredibly exasperating but it is the stuff that is sweeping through our churches and para-church organizations right now.  I hope to see some helpful comments when I can return to the blog at the end of this week.

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  1. Bell’s problem(s)…. does the Bible mean what it says, or is it some kind of cryptic complicated code that needs to be shifted and decoded to find the “real” meaning…. at least thats how he treats it. Oh also in the beginning he states people would want to have a relationship with God, but those darn rules keep them from Him…

  2. The British guy’s point is:
    –Homosexuality is wrong because the God said so in the Bible.

    Bell’s point is, or defense is:

    I found myself incredibly irritated by this video. Bell never answered the question that was posed to him several times. At the end he essentially says “Can’t we all just get along?”, as if certain issues should just be swept under the rug and forgotten.

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