A Yearly Destruction of St. Louis

The annual report for Planned Parenthood is out.  You can read it at the link provided and it is well done!  Clean wording and great images all portraying a happy and victorious group of women rising up out of their struggles to better things.  Did I mention that you can read it?  You should for it is very informative.

It tells you that they will never stop fighting for the right to do abortions.  Never. They portray an attractive, happy young lady who shares how through their birth control program she is now free to pursue her dreams.They share how they are able to help through text and chat programs young ladies who had unprotected sex and are worried they might be pregnant.  When that happens Planned Parenthood offers “emergency contraception.”  One wonders what this contraception might actually be if the young lady is already pregnant.

But down on page 18 there is a simple line item that breaks my heart.  “Abortion Procedures . . . . 327,653.”  Over 300,000 babies killed.  Over 300,000.  How do we even grasp the enormity of that number.  The best I can do is point out that the population of St. Louis is 318,000.  So as a nation we killed every person in St. Louis last year.

And we shrugged.

If the blood of Abel was crying out from the ground to our Lord and Maker for justice then how great the cry must be now?

Some thoughts to end this little post:

  • How do Christians respond to this atrocity in the public square through politics and the courts?
  • The Church must grasp that many of those who hear the gospel are those who have participated in this act in one way or another.  How do we reject the act yet call them to repentance and faith in Jesus?
  • The Church must be ready to remember that each of us is a utter sinner apart from the grace of God.
  • Yet we also must be faithful to the commands in Ephesians 5:11, “And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.”  Such a difficult balance.
  • Finally we must see that the ultimate way to attack this great evil of abortion is through the gospel message.  Only when dead hearts are made alive by the Spirit and people truly trust and follow their Lord will we see change.

About Matt Henry

Middle-aged pastor trying to figure out how to be missional in his world. Loves his wife, his children, and his dog Bear. I have a love of woodworking even though woodworking doesn't always love me. The name is xagete but is pronounced exegete.

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  1. Kendal Barriere

    How does this practically live out in our lives? If I were to encounter a non-Christian woman in a play date circle who eluded to having an abortion, what should be our reaction? Would it be the same reaction to any other sin of any non-believer? I know my first gut reaction would be to be appalled, but I’m not sure if that would be appropriate. Honestly asking here. Thanks.

    • No Kendal, I think this is not like any other sin for it is the taking of a life. I would be appalled as well but I would also beg her to reconsider. Both for the sake of the life of the baby and her own conscience. I would seek to offer any help and support she might need. At the very least I would beg her to go to CareNet to get another opinion. There are those who are hardened and see this as a good thing and even something to throw in the face of others. But there are others who are merely thinking like they have been taught to think throughout their schooling and upbringing. And of course there are the ones who are just scared.

      • Kendal Barriere

        I was referring to the “after the fact”. If so many babies are aborted every year, there is a high chance that I could meet someone who has had one and that could come up in a conversation. How shouled one respond to the initial knowledge of that?

      • Oh, sorry about that. I can really only say what I would do. Like all sins there is the need to react appropriately. I think that focusing on the abortion with a person outside of Christ is not central to the goal, which is to share the gospel. Therefore I would grieve in my own heart and turn the conversation toward the gospel. If there is not that opportunity then I would at least seek to grow the relationship with the gospel as the end goal.

        At the same time I would not forget that they had aborted a child. It that event came up in a conversation I would simply ask the person if they really would like to know what the bible would say regarding abortion. If they are willing then I would speak honestly. If they said no, then I would give them nothing and let it hang. Usually over time they will want an answer.

        If they get angry or hurt when they hear it I always tell them that this, like all sin, is under the judgment of God. The escape is Jesus. If they simply reject what I say I say (without meanness) that according to the bible they stand in rebellion to their Maker and that has eternal consequences.

        Obviously you end up losing relationships but not always. When done kindly and without self-righteousness it is weird how many will continue to be friends.

        Is this helpful?

      • Kendal Barriere

        yes, that was helpful. thank you.

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