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Where Dust and Drought Destroy

I am working on my sermon out of Matthew 6.  A simple command to not store up treasure on this planet.  Why?  For thieves, moth and rust destroys.  In other words it does not last.  As I am working on trying to describe the futility of hoping in this age I thought of a photo series out of that shows the serious effects of a drought in West and Central Africa.  The images are stark, as they should be.  My heart breaks for those pictures of the little ones.  My mind went back to a time in seminary where I visited a neonatal unit in Los Angeles.  A little premature baby had just been born from a crack addict.  The little girl could have fit in my hand.  All I wanted to do was take her home. I saw that day another brush stroke in the effects of sin and death in this world.  This photo series shows another.

Look at the photo series and see that nothing lasts.  Not only does rust and moth destroy but so does dust and drought. How do this images move you to think of money and why God has enriched you?

Miscellaneous Monday

These are just a smattering of links to sites I found interesting over the weekend.  They are somewhat diverse and I am sure that at least one of them will be interesting to each person who visits this blog.

Smithsonian had its annual photo contest.  I liked many of these but others made me wonder who judges these things? I liked very much #3 and wondered how much effort went into #8.  #13 was probably my favorite though, no idea why though.

The power grab of the Federal Government continues to grow by the minute.  This is a very interesting but also very disturbing article by Wired related to the decision by my government to seize sites even if they operate outside the United States.

As Kony2012 continues to be the rage there are a couple of articles that I found intriguing to say the least.  The first simply challenges many of the statements, but what stood out for me was the acknowledgement that Uganda’s situation is far more “complicated” than merely Kony.  I am not an expert, but I have been to Africa a few times, and it is definitely more complicated than any single issue. The second is a reminder that there are additional points to consider when you watch the video. Integrity is not something that operates on only one level. There is more going on here than most of us will ever know.

I have no idea who Escher is and really don’t care to know.  But this 3D panorama is simply cool.

Lastly, here is another series of photos where they took photos by Sergei Larenkov from WW2 and integrated them with current day pictures in a captivating manner.  I was not sure I would like this, but found that it was done in such a fresh way that I spent a decent amount of time just looking and then re-looking.

AIDs in Africa

This disease is decimating that continent.  When I was in Cameroon in 2006 I was able to see first hand some of the devastation that is taking place.  One thing that stands out in my mind was going to a tailor shop to have some clothes made for my family.  There were several young ladies working there as apprentices.  All of them were orphans as a result of AIDs.  All of them were just trying to survive.

With that thought in mind here is a video that helps open your eyes to the situation there.  It is set in Kenya.  It is graphic and you need to understand that before pressing play.  The gospel must be brought there and it must come with a cup of cold water and a caring hand.  Or perhaps it is an open home that seeks adoption that they might live.

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