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Meet a Pixel Painter

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

Miscellaneous Monday

A very fun site that I came across.  I enjoyed all of them, but the jukebox was my favorite.  Well, I changed my mind.  I think the western music in 16 genres was pretty cool too.

I learned more about the simple pallet in this one reading than looking at them my entire life.  All of the sudden they are a noble lot.  Hail to the pallet!

Each of these were done only with a ballpoint pen.  Amazing.

I am sure you have heard of the botched painting restoration, it was horrid.  But did you know the actual story?  I didn’t and found it somewhat amusing.

The are great inventions, cool inventions, crazy inventions and even silly inventions.  Then there are the stupid ones.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this but it is fascinating and a bit scary.  But why it is scary is not actually clear to me.  Like I said, I don’t really know what to make of it.

The entire Lance Armstrong debate is beyond my imagination.  I have never seen such a protracted fishing session and it stuns me to realize that he is probably going to lose everything in spite of no evidence.  Wow, simply wow!

And finally, why I don’t like to go to music festivals.  Invariable I run across someone like this:

Miscellaneous Monday on Tuesday

I didn’t feel like posting anything yesterday.  I could say that it was because it was a holiday here in America.  Or I could point out that it was nasty hot here and my body hates hot weather.  Or, finally I could say it was because I was busy playing golf for several hours with a friend.  But really it was simply because I forgot and when I did remember I decided I didn’t care.  Therefore, you get it today rather than yesterday.

I enjoyed this story for a very different reason that that given in the story itself.  I reflected on how it is so similar to those who receive hand outs from anyone, but especially the government.  It doesn’t cause them to better themselves and the numbers don’t eventually shrink, rather, the numbers grow.  But that just may be me.

Somewhat connected to my comments above, here is how one guy handled the death of his mother.  Such a classy guy.

Great photo spread of Joplin, MO one year later.

For those of you who think you should brush your teeth after eating, think again sucker!

I still have not decided if I like this or not; regardless it is pretty amazing.

When I look at a used, worn out tire in some alley all I see a tire.  One that needs to go away.  One that has incredibly limited value unless I was lost in the wilderness and found one that I could light on fire for the smoke.  Regardless, this guy apparently sees amazing art

Finally, if you are old enough to remember this Olympic moment you may have wondered about that “other guy.”

Miscellaneous Monday

I am proud to announce that I spelled miscellaneous correctly for the first time on my first try.  Without further ado, I give you my selected links that have no connection to one another whatsoever. Well, not actually true.  The first two links are connected but only because my random brain had to type out on a whim the third sentence which then led my mind to say, “Why don’t I google that?”  Which I did and therefore the next link came into being.  But I sense I am blathering on so I will simply stop now.

In spite of my friend ‘stealing’ this story earlier I choose still to lead off with it.  All I can say is that a little protein never hurt anyone. Well, maybe someone who is protein intolerant, which until I typed this sentence off of the top of my mind I did not know existed.  Thanks to Google now I do and so do you!  I accept checks or cash.

What does “too much time on your hands” look like?  Here is one indication.

One of those stories that make you realize the potential in possibly a few short years.  Just another example of mankind expressing dominion over creation, even in its fallen state.

I would not use this bathroom.  Nope, nope , nope.

Finally, this was a very fascinating photo essay.  I had no idea in the least that these existed, especially in Yugoslavia.

Thomas Kinkade’s Early Works

Over at the Gospel Coalition blog there was a good post on the death of Thomas Kinkade.  He made a fortune through his paintings and was actually a very talented painter.  It is interesting how market forces can define you if you let them.  He became known as the painter of light and that was where the money was so he stopped his other styles of painting, which in my opinion where better.

Here are a couple of examples of his unknown work:

Miscellaneous Mondays

First of all, I really need to learn how to spell miscellaneous, usually it is something like misscealeanous or some such silliness. Who knows, I might just let the spell checker keep saving my rear end.  Regardless, it is time for random links for your viewing/reading/giggling pleasures:

I find this to be creepy, at least some of the photos, but then I have an almost overwhelming desire to do it in my living room. Keyword is ‘almost.’

This could have been your great grand-parents depending on where they lives.  What a neat discovery!

I want this person to be my friend so  I can guilt him into giving me one of his works for free.

Another comic I frequent.  And again a simple reminder that sometimes you just have to ignore the comic.  But this one specifically made me chuckle. Or this one, And of course this one too.  But this one exactly defines why I don’t do voice mail, And this one just makes you go, “Huh?”

As a former baker…wait for it…, really waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit for it.  You sift then measure.  What is anyone else thinking?

Jesus wants you to be a card-counter.  Really.

How do you plant a forest?  One tree at a time obviously.


Miscellaneous Monday

Today I take you to the deepest part of the ocean, to over the ocean (which my fingers just typed as eceon) into France and then back across the ocean to that great city Green Bay, and a few other places as well.

I would love to have this house, but I suspect I cannot afford it.  The person who designed it show true genius though.

If you thought that the world was suppose to end in May, 2012 thanks to the Mayan Calendar you can relax, you have a few more months to tweet and post.  But evidently you need to also move to France, and possible wander around naked and carry a ball and a gold ring. I think I would find myself annoyed rather quickly though.

In the ongoing mess that is better known as Wisconsin politics, the Gannet Corp has a bit of egg on its face. What is really sad is the weak defense that signing a petition is somehow not a political act.  True, just like something can be fake, but accurate.

Textual criticism was never a subject I enjoyed in seminary, and I still don’t like it.  But I found this post very enjoyable to read. What a mind-bogglingly boring job to be a scribe.

And because I live in Wisconsin, where the ‘bird’ is often flipped I thought my readers would enjoy this little tidbit as well.  Another glimpse into my mind and what I enjoy reading.

This post takes you on a visual journey that is really quite incredible. I wish our buses in Kenosha would look as cool as these.  And while you are at it, you might as well look at this post regarding a very unique style of art. Which one of you knew that elastic string could be that cool?  Frankly, just go to this site often, there is much there to intrigue you.

Finally, did you know that you could broil a grapefruit?  Well you can!


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