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Miscellaneous Monday

In a former life I was a police officer. I remember we would get calls we called “barking squirrel,” which simply meant they were stupid calls by people who had too much time on their hands.  As an example, we were called to a house around 1:00 AM because the person wanted us to tell his neighbor to turn off the sprinkler since some water was coming into his yard and watering his grass.   This police force seems rather patient with their folks.

My only thought when I watch this is how did the dog figure this out in the first place?

I enjoyed this story but still think it is dumb.

I grimace each time I watch this.  I must say though that the guy walking is very focused on getting somewhere with his tires.

I seldom really laugh out loud but this one did it for me.  Try saying it in various accents for extra fun.

Famous landmarks while they were being built.

This guy makes working, miniature time-pieces out of wood.

Nothing beats a nice can of E-Z Serve Liver when you come home hankering for some real food.

Interesting read on the strategies in seating people on an airplane.  New term learned: “Gate Lice.”

I have done this myself, just not in front of thousands of people.  Here is another view of it.

I don’t think this guy understands the cathartic nature of individually popping bubbles.

Miscellaneous Monday

It has been a while since I had the time to put one of these together.  Hopefully it will be worth the wait.  My selection is truly miscellaneous and perhaps there will be something for everyone.  I hope you enjoy photo series though because I have several of them.  If you don’t, tough.

My first selection is a series of photos of ammunition found in a WWII bunker.  I misunderstood at first that it was only ammo from WWII but apparently they used the bunker to store modern ammo as well.  Regardless, very interesting.

Apparently some guy named Nelson Minar decided to map every river in the United States. 

Do you applaud this guys ingenuity or buy him a hat out of pity?

This series on sinkholes is somewhat crazy.  Some of them look like a bad photoshop.  Can you imagine one of these opening up under you while you are driving?

This is just a really cool animated gif of a baseball striking a bat.  Or is it the other way around?  Or, perhaps they are striking one another?  What stands out is how deformed the ball gets.  I suspect there is little deformation going on when I strike a ball.

Meet Tom Eckert, each picture you see is made from wood.  Unbelievably amazingly interesting.

My wife wants pet goats.  I don’t want pet goats, though I might like to eat goat.  Here is reason #1 why I have no desire for goats.  Here is reason #2.  And #3.

Some friends of mine are in Cameroon right now which made me think of bananas.  That made me think about an article I read awhile back.  And that led to me sticking it here for you to read.

This guy did a series of pictures of fans dressed up to see their favorite artist.  It confirms for me the reason I don’t go to concerts.  And if I were Dolly Parton I would ban dressing up to come to my concerts.

This is just sneaky.  But I keep watching it over and over.

I really enjoyed this video even though I would have ultimately handled it differently.  But that is not the point


Miscellaneous Monday

Well, I had a whole Miscellaneous Monday post completed and then it went “poof” even in my saved drafts.  So here is a quick, vague reconstruction of it.  Sorry.  It is picture heavy because I am so busy in Brazil right now but I doubt people will care.  However, do take the time to read the whole article I post.  It is excellent and hilarious at the same time.

First, I dislike those who celebrate their victory before it is a victory.  As a result I thoroughly enjoyed this.

You would think that this man would stop for just a second after his workout and think, maybe, just maybe he should spend a few minutes on the left side.  But apparently that is not how he lives life.

My daughter and son-in-law should try this on their little girl, I think it is clever.  And if they won’t, perhaps they will let me try it.

Here is that article for you to read.  Take a moment, get some coffee or tea and be comfortable.  This is the sort of story you savor, not rush over. Please note that you have to click on the link about the response letter.

After seeing this photo I don’t think I can rightly complain about the geese on our golf courses.  Well, actually I can, and will, but this does put things in perspective a bit.

And finally, a video that is simply funny.  Enjoy!

Miscellaneous Monday

Will likely be offline for the next couple of weeks, though if I find out otherwise then I will try to post some articles on various subjects.  Brazil appears to be in my very near future and I am leaving my wife behind to take care of the house while our dog and kids take care of her.  Regardless, here is a smattering of various things that caught my eye this week.  Oh, did I mention that I found out that my basement toilet was overflowing all night last night?  And I found it out after I had started cooking my breakfast so while I was cleaning up the mess in the basement I began to smell something burning upstairs?  Yep, its Monday!

Apparently that lovely complex the government is building in Utah to store all of the data they keep getting by spying on their citizens will hold around 10 zettabytes.  I had no idea what that meant but found this graph to be disturbingly enlightening. Here is a take-away-quote from the article on the project under construction to give you the sense of the size, “Once built, it will be more than five times the size of the US Capitol.”

This little graphic is exactly why I hate math and envy those who love it.  I know there is an obvious answer but I simply don’t understand how it works.  It is embarrassing but it is reality too.  For those who find the answer obvious just quietly smirk at your screen and don’t bother explaining it to me.

I simply love this animated gif but for more than the obvious reasons.  First, the pretty girl’s face right at the end suggests she is used to getting her wishes and this one did not work out.  After that just keep watching and look at all the other people, things begin to stand out.  The one I like the most is the lady in the bottom left corner.  Essentially stone-faced.

This story is capable of causing widespread panic among red-blooded men and women everywhere.  Only read when you are quiet, calm and preferable sedated.

This picture keeps showing up wherever I go so I decided I should just post it myself and get it out of my system.  Do you get the sense that poor Dave lives with Mom still?

I had no idea this guy was worth that much.  Good for him.

I don’t have a lot of pictures today so I am giving you are few videos I liked.
Apparently this may be the new thing in China

This was simply cool.

And lastly I give you Ashima, I suspect she will climb to great heights one day.

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Miscellaneous Monday

It is the last day of the year and the final Miscellaneous Monday post of the year (obviously).  This means it should be something special.  But it isn’t simply because it is a mishmash of links that I enjoyed in some way or another.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

I decided to start with this one.  I enjoyed learning the difference between Holland and the Netherlands.

One word…. Steroids.

When you don’t know your “take-aways” then it is an emergency.

Knuckle-ball in slo-mo!

The fascinating world of instinct in animals.  Worth the click.

Even though I know what is going on here it hurts my brain.

I had no idea who or what were “Burneshas” until I read this intriguing article.  Even better, it is mostly pictures.

So you buy your Dad a hat for Christmas, but you want him to cry as well.  What to do, what to do….

Spiders, Scorpions and Toads.  Oh, my!

Was not sure if I would enjoy this or not, but I could not stop watching.  Pure athleticism.

And last, but not least, A sobering reminder why you don’t mess around with chemists.


Miscellaneous Monday

Well it is that time of the week again and I think the line up will be of the caliber of utterly life-changing.  Yes, you will be changed.  No idea how, but I suspect the major point of change shall be that you will be older when you finish with these links than when you began.

For baseball fans, here is a list you all can debate.  If you don’t see the picture you think should be present, find it on the web, get the link and post it in the comment section.

I like this gif because it shows the differences between men and women as a whole.  The guy laughs and the girl goes to give aid

Utterly, fascinatingly, crazy

Facebook just got even more sad.

I many ways I feel badly for her.  But in some other ways I just gape.

My world as I know it has ended

Because I care about the increase of my readers’ knowledge.

Ummm, wow.

You have to watch it to the end, no matter how painful the first part is.  And no skipping, it will ruin it.  Honest.

I leave you with two unrelated yet related videos.


Miscellaneous Monday

I have not posted much due to various small reasons that all add up to not wanting to post. However, I plan to put out a few this week and of course present my links for miscellaneous Monday.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you dumped a bag of garbage into a volcano?

“Aside from bowling, Bill Fong hasn’t had a lot of success in life. His Chinese mother demanded perfection, but he was a C student. He never finished college, he divorced young, and he never made a lot of money”

This looks like fun.  As I understand it the tiger won.

A very interesting article relating beekeeping with business.  Sounds boring but was anything but boring.

Did you know that Switzerland is prepared to blow up almost everything in the nation if they are ever attacked?  And I mean almost everything. It makes me want to visit the country and look for those fake mountains and such.

A picture that was snapped at the perfect moment at a baseball game. I like the way the expressions are all different and yet how the types of expressions radiate outward in relation to the ball.

So, would you be able to find the phone number of a building where one photo was taken of other building across the street?  Using Google like a pro you apparently can do it.  Make sure you click on the solution link too so you can find out how he actually did it.

I cannot help but think that this ad is not helpful in building his business.



Thoughts about Baseball

I just got back from watching one of my friend’s/elder’s son play baseball.  It was a pleasure, simply a pleasure.  I don’t know if it is call Little League anymore and frankly I don’t care.  What I watched was young men who are not sure they are men yet play a game that requires so many qualities that men should have.  I watched them take risks when they stole the base (o k, not a huge risk since the catchers can’t throw real hard to threaten them quite yet, that will be next year). I watched my friend’s son man up and face batter after batter as the pitcher.  He doesn’t know it, but it was just one more little layer of manhood painted over him.  I watched the young guys cheer guys who got a good pop on the ball but still got thrown out and realized these were men praising the effort even if the result was not what was desired.

I watched families come together.  Moms talking, kids playing catch and doodling in the dust. And in all of this I just smiled a lot to myself. I remembered playing baseball at their age.  Eating snow cones afterward.  Telling my war stories like they actually meant something.  It was a good time for me.  It was a good game to watch (our team won in the final inning). But even if they had lost it would have been still good.

Why post this?  Who knows and really who cares.

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