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A Tale of Two Banks

Apparently some guy in China comes up to the window with a meat cleaver demanding money.  The reaction of the bank teller is priceless.  But it also made me think of a recent bank robbery in Wauwatosa, WI where a man manages to rob the bank with a box.  That is right, an empty box.

China and Chairs

The chair.  A tool that is often not thought of as a tool, but it is.  I spend most of my life in one and I can attest to the value of a good one.  I remember early on in my pastorate how I despised the one I had.  It was from the 1970’s, bright orange, and had no ability to recline nor support the back.  I spent ten to twelve hours in it six days a week so I knew its every worthless detail.  However . . . .

I also have sat on the most basic of “chairs” and found great rest, relaxation and pleasure.  A stump or a rock around a campfire brings lasting memories.  So it was with both thoughts in mind that I stumbled on this site that focused on the unique street chairs of China.  I hope it tickles your fancy as it did mine.

Miscellaneous Monday

My day ended last night with a dog and a skunk.  My day begins with the dog and the remnants of the skunk.  It is a good day.  I find it a bit suspicious though that my wife is still sleeping.  I suspect she is hoping that if she stays up there long enough that maybe I will deal with the dog on my own.  27 years of marriage and she still doesn’t realize how stubborn I am.  Therefore, to stall the inevitable I give you these links for sole goal of making your Monday passably pleasant.

I suspect that the new craze among the youth looking for a buzz shall soon be flying ants.

I have seen videos claiming that it is almost impossible to drink and keep down a gallon of milk.  My daughter and I continue to not believe this and I am still very tempted to prove it wrong.  Regardless, this guy didn’t seem to be too impressed.

I have seen really cool first pitches and then this one.

While we all rush around worrying about who knows what how often do we fail to realize the struggles of the little appreciated frog?  Hmmmm?  How often?  I bet very little.

So you are skiing and you cause an avalanche.  What do you do?  A) scream and try to go really fast to get away.  B) Curl up and stop to allow it to pass over you.  C) Do a back flip and then continue on your way?  Here is the video of the whole thing if you like.

I love the groups of people who seem to have the ability to search out and find little things like this that turn up in our government.

And finally, a couple of embedded videos to end this little trip down procrastination lane.

Watch the poor guy who almost got out of the subway and then is forced back in by the crowd.

If you ever want to try to have razor clams for dinner you will need this information.

Disparate Tuesday

I could not get WordPress to cooperate with me yesterday so I give you my various links that are click and read worthy.

The most important link is this one which shows you how to enjoy chocolate forever.  I present to you the magic chocolate bar.

I enjoy watching Sergio Garcia play golf simply because he does things like this.

This is a very interesting article on how Japan has discovered rare metals off their coast and how it is a possible game-changer with China.  Who knew that sea mud could be so powerful?

If you feel the need to get away from it all, whatever “it” means to you, then you may want to read this article on the 25 least visited countries.  Some of them deserve to be this due to instability but I really liked their description of poor little Liechtenstein: “Don’t stay too long here, or you may go bored.”  Also, visit it if you are into stacked rocks.

Two animated gifs for your enjoyment, I still chuckle at this first one and shake my head at this second one.

China is rapidly becoming the dominant nation in this world of ours.  Here is one example of how they are striving for that dominance, it is a bit creepy.

Oh, and lastly, here is how that chocolate thingy actually works.  Sorry!

Excellent Bible Study Tool

I came across this link the other day and wanted to mess around with it a bit before posting.  This is simply a nice tool for someone who wants to delve into the Bible languages as part of their study.  Not only does it parse and give the basic definitions, which are helpful on their own, it also has the ability to compare the English translation with the Greek or Hebrew.

Then I tried version two and was really excited.  This is the kind of stuff that brings the Word of God into closed nations.  Two Chinese versions already on it.  And in the Greek version you may notice a camera in the text.  Click on it at pictures are available that are connected to the passage.  This all led me to his blog where I find that he has developed a bible program that is easy to smuggle into places the bible is forbidden and operates in a very stealthy way.  Listen to the video or at least read the article.  Eye-opening and encouraging.

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