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Miscellaneous Monday

So summer finally decided to show up in Wisconsin.  For those who know me this is not good news.  I hate feeling hot, my body hates being hot and sweat rolls off my head like I am in a shower.  All of that to say that I hope summer is short this year.  Well, that is my introduction to this post so let’s move on to the links.  Mind you, these are just a collection of things I found funny, clever, or interesting.

I have no idea if the World Cup is still going and really don’t care.  But apparently everyone is contractually required to do a post about it.  So here is mine.  Mind you it actually is cool.  Make sure you hover your mouse pointer over the 1930 T-Model image, you will thank me later.  Actually do it for all of the balls.

I don’t know why, but I just like this picture.  Mind you I would be tempted to kill our dog if he did this.

I don’t have a sliding glass door or I would so do this to my grandson.  And speaking of grandchildren I thought this kid was not real bright but then I watched my oldest granddaughter vaguely eat her frozen custard last night.  Since I know she is brilliant I am forced to change my position.

I found this to be a real good read on something I had never thought about.  Do you know why one fish’s flesh is orange and another fish’s flesh is blue?  No?  I didn’t think so, which is why Miscellaneous Monday exists.

There is some seriously good footwork in this gif but no matter how many times I watch it I always end up thinking about the disparity in their height.  The dude looks like a 12 year old.

This is just a small quote from this article which will then compel you to read it. ” When I tripped, I reached reflexively to break my very real fall with my completely imaginary left hand. My fall was instead broken by my nose, and my nose was broken by my fall.”

I would want my money back…seriously.  And this guy should not be allowed to buy things until he understands how they are to be used.

So yesterday I was telling my son-in-law about a guy who had a pot-bellied pig for a pet.  That is the only reason I am posting this picture.  Oh, and then we watched watched what we think were two little bats flitting around in the back

I saw this a month or so ago and forgot about it. Apparently babushkas in Russia are still learning how technology works.   I think it is hilarious but I really want to know how it ended.  Regardless she has a good friend to help her.

Here is a great gif of Shanghai.  Apparently it is two pictures 20 years apart from each other.  Wow.

What do you do if you are stuck in an airport overnight?  Check out what this guy did, brilliant!

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

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