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Miscellaneous Monday

Today I take you to the deepest part of the ocean, to over the ocean (which my fingers just typed as eceon) into France and then back across the ocean to that great city Green Bay, and a few other places as well.

I would love to have this house, but I suspect I cannot afford it.  The person who designed it show true genius though.

If you thought that the world was suppose to end in May, 2012 thanks to the Mayan Calendar you can relax, you have a few more months to tweet and post.  But evidently you need to also move to France, and possible wander around naked and carry a ball and a gold ring. I think I would find myself annoyed rather quickly though.

In the ongoing mess that is better known as Wisconsin politics, the Gannet Corp has a bit of egg on its face. What is really sad is the weak defense that signing a petition is somehow not a political act.  True, just like something can be fake, but accurate.

Textual criticism was never a subject I enjoyed in seminary, and I still don’t like it.  But I found this post very enjoyable to read. What a mind-bogglingly boring job to be a scribe.

And because I live in Wisconsin, where the ‘bird’ is often flipped I thought my readers would enjoy this little tidbit as well.  Another glimpse into my mind and what I enjoy reading.

This post takes you on a visual journey that is really quite incredible. I wish our buses in Kenosha would look as cool as these.  And while you are at it, you might as well look at this post regarding a very unique style of art. Which one of you knew that elastic string could be that cool?  Frankly, just go to this site often, there is much there to intrigue you.

Finally, did you know that you could broil a grapefruit?  Well you can!


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