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Miscellaneous Monday

So summer finally decided to show up in Wisconsin.  For those who know me this is not good news.  I hate feeling hot, my body hates being hot and sweat rolls off my head like I am in a shower.  All of that to say that I hope summer is short this year.  Well, that is my introduction to this post so let’s move on to the links.  Mind you, these are just a collection of things I found funny, clever, or interesting.

I have no idea if the World Cup is still going and really don’t care.  But apparently everyone is contractually required to do a post about it.  So here is mine.  Mind you it actually is cool.  Make sure you hover your mouse pointer over the 1930 T-Model image, you will thank me later.  Actually do it for all of the balls.

I don’t know why, but I just like this picture.  Mind you I would be tempted to kill our dog if he did this.

I don’t have a sliding glass door or I would so do this to my grandson.  And speaking of grandchildren I thought this kid was not real bright but then I watched my oldest granddaughter vaguely eat her frozen custard last night.  Since I know she is brilliant I am forced to change my position.

I found this to be a real good read on something I had never thought about.  Do you know why one fish’s flesh is orange and another fish’s flesh is blue?  No?  I didn’t think so, which is why Miscellaneous Monday exists.

There is some seriously good footwork in this gif but no matter how many times I watch it I always end up thinking about the disparity in their height.  The dude looks like a 12 year old.

This is just a small quote from this article which will then compel you to read it. ” When I tripped, I reached reflexively to break my very real fall with my completely imaginary left hand. My fall was instead broken by my nose, and my nose was broken by my fall.”

I would want my money back…seriously.  And this guy should not be allowed to buy things until he understands how they are to be used.

So yesterday I was telling my son-in-law about a guy who had a pot-bellied pig for a pet.  That is the only reason I am posting this picture.  Oh, and then we watched watched what we think were two little bats flitting around in the back

I saw this a month or so ago and forgot about it. Apparently babushkas in Russia are still learning how technology works.   I think it is hilarious but I really want to know how it ended.  Regardless she has a good friend to help her.

Here is a great gif of Shanghai.  Apparently it is two pictures 20 years apart from each other.  Wow.

What do you do if you are stuck in an airport overnight?  Check out what this guy did, brilliant!

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

Four Things That Ain’t Gonna Happen

Click on the image to see the rest. . . .


Miscellaneous Monday

Well I am back but probably only for this week and then off line for a week or so.  After that I think I can have a more extended stay on the blog.  Right now all I know is that it is Monday, I have to pick my wife up soon from the airport and that I have a lot of material to give you all.  Hope you can wade through it all with interest or at least a chuckle.

This is how I felt this morning.

In many ways I really like cats, but only if they can go outside so that they can, you know, “go” outside.  Regardless I think screwing around with cats is the most fun so here are a couple of cats vs lasers gifs.  Tigers are cats, just big ones.  And this one is clearly done by the man of the house and probably was smacked on the head when he did it.

The face says it all. Imagine the discussion after the game.

I enjoyed this photo essay from The Atlantic.  I am a 60’s child.  Screwed up time in many ways and helped set into motion so much of what we see today.  What I found interesting myself was the choice of the pictures by the editor.  I enjoyed asking myself, “why that one?”

I mean honestly, is this really the correct way to test out a bicycles seat?

Required watching for all news agencies.

A little dated but a great article on a virus killing cancer.

This is just neat.  What stands out is how no one seems to notice, obviously they visit this beach often.

You’ll know it when you see it.  This one too, though someone helps us out.

You are getting old.

I end with this poor guy who is realizing he made a bad, bad error in judgment.

I post this because it is a good read and also because I gave my Brazilian translator an utterly blank look when he was helping me pronounce something in Portuguese.  His words, “No, no, it is a schwa.”  My words, “Mmmmm, O K…..”

This is a crazy tornado video.  As you might imagine there is some language going on in it.  These guys are something else.

I am sure there was some serious thinking going on here but I really don’t know what it would be.

I get shivers every time I watch this.  Watch out the lady in the blue is fully committed and the dude in the white dress shirt clearly maintains an escape plan.

Happy dog who becomes sad dog.



Miscellaneous Monday

It is that time again.  Time for laughter and time for mirth.  Time for shock and time for awe.  Or. . . just time to do some clicking.  Most likely it is the latter.  Regardless, here are some gifs, videos and stories I thought were noteworthy in some vague way.

There is a story to this picture but I don’t know what it is and for the life of me I can’t come up with a rational explanation.

I enjoy cooking and I enjoy shows like Iron Chef America and Chopped.  There is something about watching chefs look at ingredients and then watch them create something that is more than just food.  All of that to say, this is a very good article on a young man who potentially has an amazing future in cooking ahead of him.

I suspect that this idea began with a lot of beer and a friend saying, “Hey, you know what would be cool?”

First off, this is a very interesting photo spread of famous landmarks close in and then zoomed out.  The Taj Mahal was powerful in the two different perspectives.  But honestly, Sagrada Familia and The Brandenburg Gate captures my attention the most.  The Sagrada Familia looks like something from a Sci-Fi movie.

Did you know you can re-grow certain vegetables?  Not from seeds but from the vegetables you bought at the store.  I want to try this but just not sure that the shorter Wisconsin seasons will allow for it.

Greatest pest control visit ever!

Was shocked to see that Texas will not survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Really thought more highly of them. Oh well, this article has to be true.

This article argues that America is in trouble and the evidence given is our reluctance to adopt a Japanese toilet.  The story is annoying to me but may be persuasive to some others.  Granted, a heated seat would be nice, I guess, but I am just not convinced on any level about the author’s arguments.

A whole lotta cuteness going on here.

I saw this quite awhile ago and even now I laugh.

I heard every one of these “hate crimes” and still hear people speaking of these as if they are true.

Miscellaneous Monday

It is St. Patrick’s day so I will start things off with a humorous but solid description of the Trinity starring St. Patrick and two, um, two Irish peasants of some sort.

Did you know that Lego put a hole in the head of their characters so that a child can still breathe if he swallows one?  That and much more on Legos right here.

Good save there Dad, good save.

I honestly become agitated as I watch this.  No idea why but I seriously started to fidget.

So you want to know how big space is?  Yep, I thought you did.

Just a hawk or falcon or something flying through the woods like a boss.

You can’t be a wimp and think you can play musical chairs well at a rodeo.

This is simply  a tremendously good idea.  I would pay money to do it in a heartbeat.

I call this my “Awwww” link.

Here is the toughest Canadian ever.





Miscellaneous Monday

Time is tight so let’s get right to the links:

When a radish decides to be coy.

This was impressive and I truly can imagine the kids looking forward to their dad’s return.  Read the box on the right after clicking the link for the story.

You can read more about almonds right here than you ever thought.

OK, this is simply cool and worth your time.  Click on the down arrow once you get to the page.

A sure-fire way to know you should turn on a humidifier.

15K in one day.  That is the crazy reality of the internet.

Apparently there was carpet on the floor.  Bad choice but quite a fun choice.

I simply had to laugh.

This eagle’s claw puts things into a new perspective for me.  Sorta makes me feel bad for the bunny it grabs.

One should think twice, nay, thrice before moving to Montana where they have mortified motorists and dead animals in a briefcase.  Read on, but be seated when you do

Yyyeeeeaaaaah!  Oh, geeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!


A Tale of Two Banks

Apparently some guy in China comes up to the window with a meat cleaver demanding money.  The reaction of the bank teller is priceless.  But it also made me think of a recent bank robbery in Wauwatosa, WI where a man manages to rob the bank with a box.  That is right, an empty box.

Miscellaneous Monday

In a world that is filled with much heartache and folly there is always a time that it is good to stop, rest, laugh and learn.  In some small way this post today may, with an emphasis upon may, fulfill all of those points.  Or not.

First off is this small exposé of how the rich elite of the financial world party.  Quite interesting and not painfully long like some.

Tag!  You’re it.” Nature-style, that is.

Speaking of nature, things like this shouldn’t fly, nor these, though they would disagree, but these are acceptable, while these should be mandatory as well as these too.

I have no idea what to say about this but it is cool regardless.  I assume you can’t just put it back up on the wall either, which is a shame.  Be fun if you could dig up the roots and then wrap it around only a frame.

Here is a good sign that some people in your city are becoming weary of winter.

I was going to post only one article from this site but then I came across their top 20 and realized I would cheat you all from the best of the best.  However, if you have only a little time then go to this page, stunning is all I can think.

Someone should buy me one of these

I present to you all you need to know about the iPod of prisons.

And with that I bid you a simple good-bye.

A Proof of Depravity

Miscellaneous Monday

So, another snow stormish (since it is not over a foot) which brings a migraine to my home.  And here I sit thinking if I really care about posting various pictures and articles.  But I am a nice guy, vaguely, so here they are:

I saw the whole video of these guys and got bored.  They were good but I apparently still can’t sit still for more than 2-3 minutes.  Regardless here is a sense of what I watched for all you who can’t sit still either.

When you see the NYT not liking what they see then you know that our current educational fad is in trouble.  Here is my favorite quote: “Kathleen Rusiecki, who teaches first-grade special education, described one task in her curriculum: Draw a picture of the word nobody. “It doesn’t even make sense,” she said.”  Heh!

I am one of those people who live to do this.  Oh, and also kick the chunks of ice off of the wheel wells.

Why I pity people learning English.

The Netherlands do some cool things.  This is one of them.

What the little ones get to look forward to in a few months.

Flappy Bird.  Never heard of it and I don’t really care.  But nonetheless this was interesting.

So, your grandma is held hostage by some mean people on a train.  You decide that you play Call Of Duty a lot so you could go save her.  Do you have any clue how to do so?  Well that is why I exist, to show you how.

A fascinating article that I simple could not stop reading.  Who knew? Other than drug dealers, hackers, and certain government officials.

Have fun!


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