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Internships Rethought

I am reluctant to link and comment to this other blog because I am in it.  However I have a different set of readers out there in blog-land and I think the essences of the post is worth it.  For me, as a pastor, the question is always how I spend my time and what is my vision.

In many ways the temptation is to grow the church, even when my lips are quick to say, “No, no, that is not what we are about.”  And now, after fifteen years at the same church it is tempting to relax and enjoy the lack of battles that I once had to fight.  A third temptation is to coast on all of the hard study I did in prior years realizing that so many who attend now have never heard those sermons.

But in the end I keep coming back to what I never really had, a man who would lend me his life so that I could walk next to it, watch it, and learn from it.  I had many good men that I knew, but none who would go so far as to do that for me and the effects are still felt today.  A long time ago I decided that if someone wanted me they could have me if at all possible.  But I also decided that they would get the real me, not the one I wanted them to see.  For those I have who want to go into full-time ministry I have tried to give them a no-holds look at want lies before them.  Nothing is worse than entering into something that demands everything you are and you are ignorant of what lies ahead for you and your family.

All of that to say, here is a good blog post, excellent perhaps, on how one seminarian views the value of what many churches offer, an internship.  But this is not for seminarians, or even pastors.  In fact, it is for anyone who seeks to influence other Christians, formally or informally.  This is what our young people need from our old people.  This is what that first time mother needs from the grandmother.  Just bold, honest, faith-filled, gospel-centered advice.  Read it and consider yourself, what are you doing in the lives of those younger in the faith?

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