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Meet Adam4D. Really Meet Him.

This guy’s comics packs a powerful punch to the modern church and silly/deadly practices that abound today in it.  Click on the comic to go to his site and see the “punch-line” and then like him, subscribe to him, or whatever you need to do to keep getting updates from him.


The Type of Pastor about Whom To Be Concerned

Scott Postma has a great article he posted the other day that I thought was worth my reader’s time. I have argued from the beginning of my ministry as a pastor that the problems in any church ultimately comes because of the leadership.  Perhaps one day I will actually explain that, but right now I have other things I need to do.  Regardless, here is a bit of a taste of his article.  And, by the way, those ten things he lists I agree with in every way.

Abuse, apostasy, and irrelevance are just a few of the words that keep coming up in the search for reasons for the decline. There are a variety of compelling opinions and I even have a few of my own.

But I suggest there is another area of decline more significant and perhaps much less obvious—and one that certainly contributes to the church’s decline in numbers.

And I think its likely a careful analysis would implicate the church’s leadership for this more significant issue.

In other words, I’m concerned about pastors and the role they play in the church’s decline.

By saying so, I’m not suggesting this pastor has it all together. Nor am I trying to cultivate (or ratify) some dishonest skeptics’ hate for the church. Rather, I’m hoping to raise some concerns in a conversational kind of way.

Further, I’m not claiming to be the expert in all church issues. However, I have been in some form of pastoral ministry for the last 19 years and feel I have some measure of insight about the issue.

So in an effort to pursue this conversation in a healthy way, here are 10 pastors I’m concerned about.

Read the rest here.

Miscellaneous Monday

Spring is here, lawn is mowed and new garbage disposal system installed.  I guess I should throw up some links and such to top off the day.

I start with this animated gif.  No idea what kind of a cat that is but I am seriously impressed.

I also had no idea that swimmers were that vindictive.  You learn something everyday.

In my sermon I preached yesterday I made mention of the nature of the way that a love of money leads to great evil.  Here is a very disturbing story that helps illustrate that very point.  It also shows you the reality of how justice is not always (maybe seldom?) the goals in the justice system today.

I had seen a similar prank that did not include that swinging bottle for a finale.  I tip my hat to the person who came with this iteration.

In a vaguely related way to the story about the corrupt judge above here is a story of how Consumer Reports made the Tesla electric car the highest rated car ever.  Love it or hate it, I would wager that there is some serious spinning going on that is based on certain preconceptions like “Oil=Evil.”  Regardless I laughed, it is also going bankrupt even though tax payers are subsidizing it big time.  Oh well, now my politics are showing.  Oops!

When I saw this gif I had my doubts about its truthfulness.  I did go to the actual newspaper site and check it out and it seems legit.  Still…….  (BTW, you have to know The Simpsons show to appreciate this)

Here is a gallery of DIY inventions from China.  I don’t know about you but #3 would NOT be only used for evacuations.

I end with this video.  I assume it is part of the recent online attempt to show the good side of people but am unsure.  Regardless I actually found I enjoyed it.

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