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Miscellaneous Monday

It is St. Patrick’s day so I will start things off with a humorous but solid description of the Trinity starring St. Patrick and two, um, two Irish peasants of some sort.

Did you know that Lego put a hole in the head of their characters so that a child can still breathe if he swallows one?  That and much more on Legos right here.

Good save there Dad, good save.

I honestly become agitated as I watch this.  No idea why but I seriously started to fidget.

So you want to know how big space is?  Yep, I thought you did.

Just a hawk or falcon or something flying through the woods like a boss.

You can’t be a wimp and think you can play musical chairs well at a rodeo.

This is simply  a tremendously good idea.  I would pay money to do it in a heartbeat.

I call this my “Awwww” link.

Here is the toughest Canadian ever.





Miscellaneous Monday

In a world that is filled with much heartache and folly there is always a time that it is good to stop, rest, laugh and learn.  In some small way this post today may, with an emphasis upon may, fulfill all of those points.  Or not.

First off is this small exposé of how the rich elite of the financial world party.  Quite interesting and not painfully long like some.

Tag!  You’re it.” Nature-style, that is.

Speaking of nature, things like this shouldn’t fly, nor these, though they would disagree, but these are acceptable, while these should be mandatory as well as these too.

I have no idea what to say about this but it is cool regardless.  I assume you can’t just put it back up on the wall either, which is a shame.  Be fun if you could dig up the roots and then wrap it around only a frame.

Here is a good sign that some people in your city are becoming weary of winter.

I was going to post only one article from this site but then I came across their top 20 and realized I would cheat you all from the best of the best.  However, if you have only a little time then go to this page, stunning is all I can think.

Someone should buy me one of these

I present to you all you need to know about the iPod of prisons.

And with that I bid you a simple good-bye.

Miscellaneous Monday

I am not watching the Olympics because I find that over the years the focus is less on all the competition and more upon personal interest stories.  Regardless I was looking forward to seeing what Russia could produce, quality -wise, for the world stage.  According to this hashtag, it is a whole lot of nothing.  One warning, be wise for I cannot vouch for everything on there.

Speaking of the Olympics (well actually I am writing) here is a short video on how the body types of the athletes have changed over the years.

You may be aware of that very expensive violin that was stolen and then recovered here in Wisconsin.  What you may not know is that it was because the perpetrators, Salah Salahady and Universal Knowledge Allah decided to use a taser gun. Apparently that was not a wise choice.  Check out the short article for why.

I know soccer has the heading move so I guess this is doing a butting?

This is one reason I have little desire to go out on the ocean.

Here is a little guy going to his happy place.

Have a nice day


Miscellaneous Monday

Pretty crazy week or two ahead so I will throw this out quickly and move on.  Nothing clever to say so here it is:

Perhaps you have already read this but I liked it enough to stick it here.  Thinking about cloning and the thought of having these things walking around is kinda cool.  Don’t agree with the dating however, a lot of anecdotal evidence that these things were around just a few hundred years ago.

What I liked most about this is how he tries to stop it from falling over after it had already been destroyed.  “Must…….mirror.”

I hope it isn’t Photoshopped because the irony is too delicious.

This is simply a cool article.

“No dude!  Come with me and my girlfriend.  It’ll be fun I promise.  Seriously dude, come!”

I have no idea how to describe this animated gif but I thought it was fun to watch.  Warning, mild fake amputation, but if it doesn’t bother me then I doubt anyone will faint.  If you do, the you are sad.

I end with two videos.  The first needs to be watched til the end when you see one seriously creepy thing.  The second one is just strange, giggly-funny, and almost embarrassing to watch.  I give you that one because I care.

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