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Miscellaneous Monday

I am proud to announce that I spelled miscellaneous correctly for the first time on my first try.  Without further ado, I give you my selected links that have no connection to one another whatsoever. Well, not actually true.  The first two links are connected but only because my random brain had to type out on a whim the third sentence which then led my mind to say, “Why don’t I google that?”  Which I did and therefore the next link came into being.  But I sense I am blathering on so I will simply stop now.

In spite of my friend ‘stealing’ this story earlier I choose still to lead off with it.  All I can say is that a little protein never hurt anyone. Well, maybe someone who is protein intolerant, which until I typed this sentence off of the top of my mind I did not know existed.  Thanks to Google now I do and so do you!  I accept checks or cash.

What does “too much time on your hands” look like?  Here is one indication.

One of those stories that make you realize the potential in possibly a few short years.  Just another example of mankind expressing dominion over creation, even in its fallen state.

I would not use this bathroom.  Nope, nope , nope.

Finally, this was a very fascinating photo essay.  I had no idea in the least that these existed, especially in Yugoslavia.

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