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Weiner and Elder

I watch with a strong measure of disbelief as the scandal/non-scandal of Anthony Weiner continues to unfold.  He is running for mayor of New York City after resigning from Congress when compromising tweets of himself were discovered.  I could talk about his politics and his positions on issues such as abortion but that would distract from the point of this post.  I read a sad, sordid post from that shows show his sin and folly continues to be exhumed as he runs for mayor.  What is sad is that he appears to be the front-runner for mayor nonetheless.

So what?  Should I be shocked?  Should I be traumatized and cry out for the good ol’ days?  Once again I shrug.  We see the natural outcome of what it looks like when one rejects Jesus, lives in an unconverted state as a slave to sin.  This sort of thing can annoy me, but it doesn’t shock me.  But this cannot be true for the elder of a church.

The bible is clear that though the people and politics that flow endlessly around a Christian may involve much sin, sordid and otherwise; it is not to involve the office of the elder in the Church.  1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 both make clear statements about the man who holds this office.  And if I were to take one key quality that both passages declare it is to be “above reproach.”  Listen, mayors, presidents and your next door neighbor can sleep around, do drug, embezzle, lie, cheat, and even murder.  That is what happens in a broken, fallen world.  But for those men who are converted through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who seek to be elders, the standard is unrelentingly high, he must be above reproach in every way.

I won’t go into all the various qualities of the elder.  I only wish to point out that we should expect high standards from our elected officials but never be shocked when they fail to even try to attain them.  But as Christians we should have no patience and no time for those who seek to be a shepherd of God’s Church who refuses to hold to the standards He has set for those who oversee the Church He bought with His blood.

Miscellaneous Monday

Spring is here, lawn is mowed and new garbage disposal system installed.  I guess I should throw up some links and such to top off the day.

I start with this animated gif.  No idea what kind of a cat that is but I am seriously impressed.

I also had no idea that swimmers were that vindictive.  You learn something everyday.

In my sermon I preached yesterday I made mention of the nature of the way that a love of money leads to great evil.  Here is a very disturbing story that helps illustrate that very point.  It also shows you the reality of how justice is not always (maybe seldom?) the goals in the justice system today.

I had seen a similar prank that did not include that swinging bottle for a finale.  I tip my hat to the person who came with this iteration.

In a vaguely related way to the story about the corrupt judge above here is a story of how Consumer Reports made the Tesla electric car the highest rated car ever.  Love it or hate it, I would wager that there is some serious spinning going on that is based on certain preconceptions like “Oil=Evil.”  Regardless I laughed, it is also going bankrupt even though tax payers are subsidizing it big time.  Oh well, now my politics are showing.  Oops!

When I saw this gif I had my doubts about its truthfulness.  I did go to the actual newspaper site and check it out and it seems legit.  Still…….  (BTW, you have to know The Simpsons show to appreciate this)

Here is a gallery of DIY inventions from China.  I don’t know about you but #3 would NOT be only used for evacuations.

I end with this video.  I assume it is part of the recent online attempt to show the good side of people but am unsure.  Regardless I actually found I enjoyed it.

At Some Point You Must Decide

Here is one of many articles that showcase a stunning lack of consistency.  And in doing so it shows that too many simply do not know what to say when reality smacks them in the face.  Which is it?  A fetus, a baby, or an infant?  It is at that very point that it gets very muddy.  Yet for those for abortion, it is simple.  A fetus is not a baby, it is a fetus and therefore worthy of destruction if the mother decides as such.  Yeah, right.


The Best Interview Ever

I came across this yesterday and enjoyed it immensely.

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