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Miscellaneous Monday

Well it is that time of the week again and I think the line up will be of the caliber of utterly life-changing.  Yes, you will be changed.  No idea how, but I suspect the major point of change shall be that you will be older when you finish with these links than when you began.

For baseball fans, here is a list you all can debate.  If you don’t see the picture you think should be present, find it on the web, get the link and post it in the comment section.

I like this gif because it shows the differences between men and women as a whole.  The guy laughs and the girl goes to give aid

Utterly, fascinatingly, crazy

Facebook just got even more sad.

I many ways I feel badly for her.  But in some other ways I just gape.

My world as I know it has ended

Because I care about the increase of my readers’ knowledge.

Ummm, wow.

You have to watch it to the end, no matter how painful the first part is.  And no skipping, it will ruin it.  Honest.

I leave you with two unrelated yet related videos.


Miscellaneous Monday

Well, it is that day of the week again.  Sorry for being slow on the post but a bit of stomach ailments and a couple of counseling issues managed to take up much of my day so far.  All that being said, here are my links for the week.  May they bring you joy, comfort, and riches for years to come; or perhaps just a chuckle or two.

5 guys, same photo over 30 years.  That is either friendship or 5 guys who made a stupid vow and stubbornly keep it.

A tail (you will get it in a second) of two states. Versus this.

‘Cause when you are this cool, not just any descent will do.

How bookstores are supposed to be: I present to you Livraria Lello.

Feel good video of the day #1

Feel good video of the day #2 (must have volume up…and not ‘kinda up’)

I watched this and at the end of it all I could think was how much I wanted to smack the guy who took the video.

Beautiful Landscape photos.

Miscellaneous Mondays

You are walking through the woods watching chipmunks getting snatched up by hawks and suddenly you stop and wonder out loud, “Whatever happened to those KGB spies?”  Fortunately I’ve got your back.

Just one more example on how mankind continues to show dominion, often without knowing it.

Is it wrong to cheer this guy on?  I decided it was not.  Click on the  images to enlarge.

Just a bear chilling in his new digs.  Nothing to see.

This is a fun article in many ways, yet in the end I kept hearing Lukas  Naugle’s words ringing in my ears, “Don’t waste your retirement.

I cannot remember if I posted this link already or not, but honestly I still watch it at least three times through each time.


Powerful video to show why video is not a good  medium for truth and why I seldom interact with the latest video clip out there that purports to give the real story.  Warning, a bit of a language issue here so be forewarned.

Also, note how this is used to ‘bash’ reality TV, as if serious news agencies don’t do the same thing on a consistent basis. If you doubt me then search for “Zimmerman 911 NBC”

An excellent set of photos, some are simply amazing  but then I wonder why number 8 and 30 were in there.  I could do those. The black and white ones are my favorite I think.

Excellent Game of Ping Pong

I have no idea how I stumbled across this video but I am happy I did.  Enjoy.

Concerned on The Outside, But Laughing on The Inside

The following is an older viral video that I recently ran across and thoroughly enjoyed. After you watch it (she just got her wind knocked out for those of you who never played sports or was in a good fight) watch the male host’s reaction, especially his mouth.  Then my title will make all the sense in the world.

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