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What Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Tell You

Yesterday I posted a brief bit on the annual report for Planned Parenthood.  I pointed out that they had over 300,000 abortions in 2014, essentially wiping out the entire city of St. Louis in one year. That works out to be one every 90 seconds or so if you are wondering.  Or, in the time it took me to write that post about 10 babies died in the wombs of their mothers.

Well today I want to look a bit more at their report and write about what they won’t tell the average reader.  They write:

Teens who need an answer right away to an urgent question can now reach us on their phones or through their computers. . . .We now have more than 200 college campus groups — a 182 percent increase from three years ago — at universities ranging from Yale to Wellesley to Spelman. Additionally,1,503 peer educators (half of whom are people of color) partnered with Planned Parenthood educators at 42 affiliates and conducted sex education workshops on issues such as healthy relationships and birth control for youth in their communities —reaching nearly 100,000 young people across the country.
So they are reaching the teen community through their chat apps and they are training women to educate the young ladies on “healthy relationships.”  Really?  Here is one undercover video (very graphic) by Live Action where a 15 year old is counseled that BDSM and such is “normal” as long as it is consensual.  Here you have one of those trained educators  helping a young lady understand what is healthy.  Isn’t it nice of her to point out that there is a sex shop that is just across the street?

Not convinced?  That is isolated?  Nope, you can go to Live Action’s website and see other undercover videos of Planned Parenthood clinics helping with all sorts of sexual issues that are incredibly graphic.Remember that Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of resisting and fighting any legislation that involves parental consent on anything related to birth control and sexuality.

Planned Parenthood and many other organizations are working hard to normalize sexuality in ways God forbids.  As a pastor I witness the fallout of this constantly, to the point that even the most innocent term I utter can carry a sexual innuendo for many young people. In addition, abortion is now seen by too many as something that is normal, acceptable and proper.  The shift of thinking is almost complete for the question asked is what is “right for me” whereas the proper question is “what is right before the Lord?”  Parents, grandparents, and church leaders need to be constantly aware of this pressure for the younger people to conform their minds to this age.

A Yearly Destruction of St. Louis

The annual report for Planned Parenthood is out.  You can read it at the link provided and it is well done!  Clean wording and great images all portraying a happy and victorious group of women rising up out of their struggles to better things.  Did I mention that you can read it?  You should for it is very informative.

It tells you that they will never stop fighting for the right to do abortions.  Never. They portray an attractive, happy young lady who shares how through their birth control program she is now free to pursue her dreams.They share how they are able to help through text and chat programs young ladies who had unprotected sex and are worried they might be pregnant.  When that happens Planned Parenthood offers “emergency contraception.”  One wonders what this contraception might actually be if the young lady is already pregnant.

But down on page 18 there is a simple line item that breaks my heart.  “Abortion Procedures . . . . 327,653.”  Over 300,000 babies killed.  Over 300,000.  How do we even grasp the enormity of that number.  The best I can do is point out that the population of St. Louis is 318,000.  So as a nation we killed every person in St. Louis last year.

And we shrugged.

If the blood of Abel was crying out from the ground to our Lord and Maker for justice then how great the cry must be now?

Some thoughts to end this little post:

  • How do Christians respond to this atrocity in the public square through politics and the courts?
  • The Church must grasp that many of those who hear the gospel are those who have participated in this act in one way or another.  How do we reject the act yet call them to repentance and faith in Jesus?
  • The Church must be ready to remember that each of us is a utter sinner apart from the grace of God.
  • Yet we also must be faithful to the commands in Ephesians 5:11, “And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.”  Such a difficult balance.
  • Finally we must see that the ultimate way to attack this great evil of abortion is through the gospel message.  Only when dead hearts are made alive by the Spirit and people truly trust and follow their Lord will we see change.

What Murder Looks Like

Ever wonder what murder looks like?  Not the Hollywood version (people don’t go flying backwards when a 9mm bullet hits them).  Oh, and not the kind most people think of when the word murder is used.  I mean the kind that is legal in many situations, though every once in a while a murderer is caught breaking the law.  In this story, one that most of the major networks are refusing to cover in any way, you get a glimpse of a murderer and what murder looks like.  Read the story and look at the pictures, look hard at the pictures, really hard.  What makes this different, because the victims are just a tad too big and too old, that is all.

At Some Point You Must Decide

Here is one of many articles that showcase a stunning lack of consistency.  And in doing so it shows that too many simply do not know what to say when reality smacks them in the face.  Which is it?  A fetus, a baby, or an infant?  It is at that very point that it gets very muddy.  Yet for those for abortion, it is simple.  A fetus is not a baby, it is a fetus and therefore worthy of destruction if the mother decides as such.  Yeah, right.


Hard Realities

Read this chilling account of what is affectionately known as ‘selective reduction.’ Stunned is not a strong enough term to describe me as I read it. What do you call it?  I know what I call it.
Stand to Reason Blog: Restoring Meaning to “Selective Reduction”

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